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Field Maple

Field Maple

Pollution fighter, autumn stunner, syrup maker. This sturdy broadleaf supports aphids, and all their predators – from ladybirds to birds. The flowers provide nectar and pollen sources for bees and birds, and small mammals eat the fruits. After pollination by insects, flowers develop into large, winged fruits which are dispersed by wind.

The UK's only native maple, Filed Maples can grow to 20m and live for up to 350 years. it is found growing in woods, scrub and hedgerows and is widely planted in gardens and parks due to its compact habit, tolerance of pollution and rich autumn colours.

Field maple produces the hardest, highest-density timber of all European maples. Its wood is also popular for making musical instruments, particularly harps. As with all maple trees, the sap of the field maple can be used to make maple syrup.

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